Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rattina returns from the dead to scold Dennis Judd

Dennis Judd:

I moved away four months ago & never expected to post anything to this blog ever again ... until I heard a well-substantiated rumor about your submitting yet another hackneyed proposal to the Russian River Redevelopment Oversight Committee (RRROC) requesting funds for developing the Rio Nido Lodge as a home for veterans with PTSD.

Although this cause is laudable, it is not appropriate for a struggling residential neighborhood. Why must you -- Dennis Judd -- keep scrounging at the government/tax payers' trough instead of seeking investments -- or spending your own money -- towards developing the Rio Nido Lodge as the vacation destination it once was. This would provide a sustainable local business, and offer jobs to local residents.

Dennis, please get a clue, and develop a viable business plan that doesn't involve turning Rio Nido into a ghetto. The people living in our community need jobs & prosperity -- not projects that will make Rio Nido more downscale. I supported you back when you bought the Rio Nido Lodge a few years ago, because I thought that fixing it up would provide jobs for local residents.

I withdraw my support, because you have not invested anything into the property, nor have you made any investments into the community towards increasing the value of the property.


nancy drew said...

Spot on if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

jim and i totally agree. very well said.

Philip Keaton said...

Since it would be in bad taste to say "I told you so," I will refrain from doing do. I'll just say: DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!

I miss Rio Nido, but I can't say I regret selling my wonderful house on Willow Road and moving to the Other Side of the River. I saw this coming a mile away, and I took the action I knew I had to take. And now, since the same thing is happening to Guerneville at large with the builiding of the giant welfare Section 8 hotel in "downtown" Guerneville, I have sold my new home -- and I'm moving to Sebastopol. I tried to fight this, but since the commies and lefties who inhabit Guerneville just LOVE "affordable housing," I moved on rather than fight alone.

Anonymous said...

And I don't know who "Phillip Keaton" is, but my name is Justin Raimondo, so there's something very wrong with the comments in this blog, but whatever ...

-- Justin Raimondo

curlyQ said...

Stopped by the Roadhouse on Sunday. Talked to a nice lady who is retired living in affordable housing in a discreet canyon. Those who own and live here have a good vibe going on here. Losing the trash will force those who remain to reinvent the harmony that is there. For me that would be a good thing. I would show up and buy a cabin. Live and let live minus the crime.