Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rattina returns from the dead to scold Dennis Judd

Dennis Judd:

I moved away four months ago & never expected to post anything to this blog ever again ... until I heard a well-substantiated rumor about your submitting yet another hackneyed proposal to the Russian River Redevelopment Oversight Committee (RRROC) requesting funds for developing the Rio Nido Lodge as a home for veterans with PTSD.

Although this cause is laudable, it is not appropriate for a struggling residential neighborhood. Why must you -- Dennis Judd -- keep scrounging at the government/tax payers' trough instead of seeking investments -- or spending your own money -- towards developing the Rio Nido Lodge as the vacation destination it once was. This would provide a sustainable local business, and offer jobs to local residents.

Dennis, please get a clue, and develop a viable business plan that doesn't involve turning Rio Nido into a ghetto. The people living in our community need jobs & prosperity -- not projects that will make Rio Nido more downscale. I supported you back when you bought the Rio Nido Lodge a few years ago, because I thought that fixing it up would provide jobs for local residents.

I withdraw my support, because you have not invested anything into the property, nor have you made any investments into the community towards increasing the value of the property.