Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Monte Rio sewer cont'd: Santa Rosa's sh** DOES stink

Sonoma County attempts to strong-arm the community of Monte Rio into funding a sewer plant that many folks do not want by imposing a de-facto building moratorium which prevents local residents & businesses from adding onto their existing residences or business facilities, or building upon land they own & which was previously certified as buildable -- until the sewer system that they so strongly desire is built.

The County will not even consider -- or provide permits for -- proven, eco-friendly, economical, & perfectly viable technologies like gray-water systems & composting toilets as potential solutions to the unique dynamics of population growth in our ecologically-delicate region.

Apparently, it's okay for the City of Santa Rosa to flagrantly dump their waste downstream into our river during the winter months, but it's not okay for any of our septic systems to have even the slightest hints of potential environmental contamination. Santa Rosa's sh** does not stink, but our sh** does. Environmental standards apply to us, but not them.

Where the heck do our astronomical property taxes here in Western Sonoma County go to ANYway? I've already proposed my theory of low-level functionaries running hundred-dollar bills through the paper shredder as confetti for holiday parties, but this is getting old.

Our playgrounds are littered with garbage & drug paraphernalia & have no public bathrooms; Our roads have mini-van-sized pot-holes, but no sidewalks; Our schools are good, but only due to the vigilance, caring & support of local teachers, parents & businesses. As for maintenance, we barely even keep things clean for the tourists during the summer, let alone for we residents during the winter.

WHERE is the money going? Where are the solutions? Where's the community input? Can we sue the county for our money back & incorporate for ourselves? What do we need them for, any way?

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