Friday, May 25, 2007

Local Tenant Turns Rental Unit Into Pot Farm

It's only human for us to sometimes complain about our next-door neighbors. Then I read an article like "What happens when your rental property becomes a grow-op?" by Carol Lloyd for her 05.25.2007 installment of her weekly Surreal Estate column for the San Francisco Chronicle, I realize how danged LUCKY I am!

According to Lloyd's column, Villa Grande resident Kyla Brooks (who is also a realtor & marriage/family counselor) has discovered that a former tenant had turned one her of her rental units into a pot farm & has totally trashed the place in the process! Luckily for her, the tenant was arrested & her contractor husband was able to do what would have been over $25K in repairs. Since decent, reasonable landlords like Ms. Brooks are few & far between, I think it's sad that her tenant abused her property. Irresponsible tenants make things harder for the responsible ones.

I can't wait for next week's Surreal Estate column, "When homes become meth labs"!

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