Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My "Secret" Identity: Why the "Anonymous" Blog?

Apparently, my blog's readership has TRIPLED within the past few weeks. I now have exactly THREE readers. Myself, my husband, & a person to whom I shall refer to as MR (& other vaguely related nicknames) who appears to be my sworn nemesis, though I don't quite understand why.

Marie SonOfBob ... oops, I mean, MR, occasionally posts vaguely hostile & creepy comments to my postings, like "So why are you DOING this?" & "I HATE anonymous bloggers, [insert my real name here]!" I autocratically deleted her latest comment, not because of its content, but because Margie Robertstone ... oops, I mean, MR, ... spelled my name incorrectly. It's Elisabeth with an "S," NOT a "Z," gosh-dang-it, Maddy!

Such is the price of non-existent, low-level fame. Millions of folks hate Imus & Howard Stern, but only one person detests me & the "anonymous blogging" I seem to represent to her. Without hundreds ... or thousands -- more folks who despise me with the same level of passion, my blog can never stir up the sort of regional or nation-wide controversy required to spark the sort of interest from talk show hosts which could secure my place on the pundit-circuit -- & my living -- for the foreseeable future.

But seriously, folks. There's no fame, fortune, public influence, or any other benefits available to me from writing my "RiverRattina" blog. I do it because I care about my community & also enjoy having an inexpensive (actually, free) platform from which to vent my highly opinionated views. I love the Russian River in Western Sonoma County EXACTLY the way it IS, thank you, ... otherwise, my family & I wouldn't have chosen to live here. But I also believe that since there ARE redevelopment funds available, that I want to be more involved in how these funds are spent -- & I want to do my best towards helping provide information that can help others become more involved, too.

My "RiverRattina" blog may supposedly be "anonymous," but I am most certainly not. Most folks involved in the local community know who I am, because I am generally open about myself & my blog. But I do not choose to post my identity & contact information online because I do not want to receive SPAM, junk mail, phone calls, etc.

Sorry if you don't like that, Ms. Marilyn FitzRoberts. Why don't YOU start a blog at & email your handle to me at russianriverrattina @ gmail . com so we can spar back & forth online?

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