Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New preschool & daycare center launched in Guerneville

Hooray! We finally have a preschool & childcare center here in Guerneville! It's located in the green building facing River Road at the intersection of Old Cazadero Road. You've probably driven by & seen the brightly-colored signs numerous times.

I highly recommend that families consider enrolling their children in this program because it is run by Teri Foster -- a highly experienced, caring, intelligent, creative, & beloved educator with long-standing ties to our community.

Ms. Foster served as Lead Teacher at the Monte Rio Preschool for four years. She designed the curriculum & managed the classroom. My daughter & her friends adore her & also received excellent preparation for Kindergarten while having so much fun they didn't realize they were actually LEARNING anything. Before that, Ms. Foster taught Kindergarten at Monte Rio Elementary School for many years.

All of the children I know who had her as a teacher -- & a large majority of their parents -- absolutely adore her, fondly remember their time in her classroom, appreciate what they learned, & often still miss her to this very day. Ms. Foster lives in Jenner with her lovely teenage daughter Amanda (who -- I admit -- can do no wrong by me, because she's so kind & attentive towards my little daughter & also has a beautiful singing voice.

I am grateful that we finally have a preschool & childcare facility here in Guerneville. We need it. Three local daycare providers have either retired or moved away over the past year. And ANYone who has moved into Rio Nido or Guerneville within the past five years & pays market prices for housing (rentals or mortgage + property taxes) will NEVER qualify income-wise for Head Start at the Guerneville Community Church.

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