Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The latest on the Rio Nido Inn

I received the following email from my neighbor, Justin Raimondo, about what's going on with the Rio Nido Inn. For those who don't know, this long-neglected property has become a magnet for noise, drug dealing, littering, crime and other problems in this community. For more information, read my posting -- along with lots of comments from readers -- "Rio Nido Inn for Sale ... Thank Gawd!" from March 2008.

From: Justin Raimondo
To: Russian River Rattina

Here's the latest on the Rio Inn:
I called the real estate agency that is handling the "sale" of the inn, and got the name of the Santa Rosa bank that is going to foreclose on the loser owner of the property, and the woman in charge of properties gave me the name of the court-appointed receiver, one Jim Severii. I spoke to him, and he told me: 1) The residents have been issued a 60-day notice, 2) MAYBE half of them will move out by that time, 3) it will take another few months to get them evicted, and 4) the filth, crime, and general disorder at the Inn is going to get a lot WORSE fairly soon.
He also made a comment that I thought revealed his attitude toward the whole matter: when I complained that the Inn is lowering my property value and the value of all the property in Rio Nido, he said, and I quote: "You know what's lowering the value of your property? Rio Nido itself."
I have seen wild pit bulls roaming free on that property, and I recently rounded the corner of Willow coming back from the post office to witness a cop arresting one of the encampment "residents." You may have noticed that the number of vehicles, especially RVs, has increased dramatically: the "management" is actively encouraging people to come and camp out since they will get sixty days of free rent. I live relatively far from the Inn, but you are right there: with your children running around I would think that you would be concerned about the pit bulls running loose. Maybe you just haven't noticed.
In any case, I have called the animal control division of the county government and reported the pit bull situation. (The other day, while round that same corner of Willow, I was confronted by a shirtless denizen of the Inn, who asked me: "Have you see two pit bulls running around here? They got loose!" Yikes!)
Since I am relatively new to this community, and hardly know anyone, I'm wondering if the other residents are going to stand idly by while a bank destroys their investment and their community.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous who stated the "meth heads and ex-convicts are a thing of the past" is full of crap. They may not be living at the Inn, but simply dispersed within the community. It’s time the residents of Rio Nido wake up. Stay up one night and watch these pathetic individuals sneaking around through our streets; behind your homes and looking through your windows—signaling to one another with their car lights, flashlights or whistles. They steal from each other and from you. And shame on you, landlords & housing authorities responsible for providing residency for these derelicts. We know who you are. It’s time residents throughout Sonoma County address our Board of Supervisors; declare a “criminal background check or get fined” motto on landlords and demand the Board step up to the plate. Drugs are against the law and we don't want them in our communities. I’m tired of paying their (meth heads & ex-cons) lazy-ass way. Our government monies are paying for a portion of their lodging, their medical, food stamps, jail accommodations, court expenses... Forget rehabilitation. It rarely works. You get picked up for possession; you do your time and receive a one-way out-of-state bus ticket. Let some other state pick up their tab.

My comment to Jesse Weber is what planet are you living on? Either you are really naive or need a reality check. My bet is you’re just trying to con the rest of the neighborhood into thinking your do-gooder. What’s with the unlicensed trashy mobile home parked in the back 40, the homely dog tied up barking at anyone that passes the Inn and the paint tarps hanging in the upstairs windows. You’re doing a great job managing the Inn, Jesse. It looks just as trashy as ever.

Friends and neighbors we all think about, talk about it. It’s time we start calling our Supervisors for answers.

Anonymous said...

Abbolish Faerie Ring Camp and everything in it and most of this rubbish will go away !!

Anonymous said...

That's so true of Faerie Ring!!
Close the camp and toss everyone out, where you ask? Wherever losers are accepted. Should have been done years ago when Friedman had a little control, now he has none. Sandra Brady the manager has destroyed whatever good was there in the beginning. Maybe some jail time for these druggies would help.