Monday, June 29, 2009

Interesting article on redevelopment

The Press Democrat has run an interesting article on Redevelopment:

Future of Russian River area redevelopment becomes clearer at:

Though it still doesn't seem terribly clear to me. Actually, our future seems rather murky, considering that the Russian River will be clogged with algae once low-flow starts in earnest after the July 4th weekend.

As my Klingon friends would say, "GA-A-A-GGHHH!"

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Anonymous said...


Russian River Fire Protection District is suffering at the hands of Russian River Redevelopment.

The following was taken directly from the Russian River Redevelopment web site:

“At it's roots, redevelopment is about improving the health and safety conditions and, consequently, quality of life in a designated project area. Redevelopment focuses on eliminating "blighting conditions," a broadly defined term that can refer to physical conditions, economic conditions or social conditions, which adversely affect the local community. Redevelopment is also focused on the preservation and expansion of employment and affordable housing opportunities".

If that is what redevelopment is about, why is Russian River Fire Protection District being forced to reduce the services they provide? Fire fighters are going to be laid off, the Russian River Fire District is going to be forced to close it’s doors.

I ask, how is that improving health and safety conditions? How is that improving the quality of life? How is that preserving and expanding employment?

This will affect people from Forestville to Fort Ross, in that those people who need an ambulance will have to wait for one coming from Santa Rosa, Windsor, Sebastopol, Occidental or Bodega Bay. This will also have an affect on the Forestville and Monte Rio Fire Protection Districts. They would have to respond into the Guerneville area.

Please, support the Russian River Fire Protection District. Think about the job they do. I am sure they have helped you or a friend in a time of need.

The bottom line to save Russian River Fire District is to petition the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to stop redevelopment from taking money from Russian River Fire Protection District and/or support and vote yes on the next tax measure for Russian River Fire Protection District.

Thank you,

Rob Cassady
Guerneville Resident