Friday, November 6, 2009

New Rio Nido Lodge owner hosts community meeting

Attention, Rio Nido residents! Dennis Judd, the new owner of the Rio Nido Lodge, will be at the Rio Lodge on Saturday Nov 7 at 11:30 am (that's tomorrow -- or by the time some of you read this, TODAY!). He welcomes everyone to attend, hear his plans for the property, & welcomes any ideas & feedback we may wish to express.

I sincerely hope -- for Mr. Judd's sake -- that Rio Nido Residents find his plans to be agreeable. Not such a tall order, given that we're open to pretty much anything as long as it isn't a multi-unit low-income housing complex. Oh wait ... didn't Mr. Judd recently get approved by RRROC for receiving a $400K loan to develop a low-income housing complex on River Road? Uh-oh.


Anonymous said...

Look out for Mr and Mrs Judd. Money is their first priority. The rest is poppycock to get it.

Linda said...

They do know how to play the game to get what they want though!!!...take a look at my comment below and our website at:

We just lost 2 appeals involving Mr. with the BZA and one with the Board of Supervisors....all with the stage set by "staff" from PRMD and their ubiquitous Report based on arbitrary timelines and NOT adherence to County or State Code!!!

Anonymous said...

Bob said...

Look out
The Sonoma County Gazette just published an article by Denis Judd on page 19 of its November, 19 edition. I know very little about Mr. Judd, but I do know a great deal about his Center Way Project.

His article is self-serving and deceitful.

His assertions about community support are wrong. Many people spoke out against his project at the Board of Zoning Adjustments and again at the Board of Supervisors. No one from the community spoke out in favor of the project.

Center Way is zoned for a density of 4 dwelling unity per acre. The fourplex is being developed by Mr.Judd at a density of 40 units per acre.

His claim to address the aesthetic concerns of the community was manifested by his offer to plant invasive, non-native bamboo around the 35 foot tall fourplex as a sight screen. I can only hope that his concern for the environment is more sensitive than his skills as a landscape architect.

Mr. Judd knows how to work the system to his advantage and to the detriment of the community he claims to be helping.

judi said...

please note that our one and only manure man, tom lynch is dennis judd's contractor, finding him the old buildings in our communities he so dearly loves (to restore, the permits are cheaper and easier to obtain) and he, tom, was appointed by efren carrillo to sit on the plannng commission--speaking of which, do you all know how much power the planning commission has in this county? if you don't you should

by the way, the following website sheds some light on the good mr carrillo, who is so fond of saying he grew up in a house built by habitat for humanity

Justin said...

yeah, well don't worry the Sonoma Gazette will be publishing my rebuttal to Judd's self-serving BS. And boy is he in for a shock!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Seem's like the new owner of the Inn is doing nothing more than Friedman did. What a dang shame!!

Anonymous said...

I believe at least the new owner isn't a convicted criminal like the previous owner, Jim Friedman.