Monday, November 26, 2007

Monte Rio Woman Arrested in Shooting

I just read the following article in the Press Democrat: Monte Rio Woman Arrested in Shooting. Yikes! I think I might actually KNOW this person (whose first name, age, & town from the article would fit her description, but I don't know her last name). I hope I'm wrong, since the acquaintance I'm thinking of seemed a bit odd, but basically funny & nice. How do you know when someone has crossed the line from being "a bit odd" to flat out scary? Since I, myself, tend to be eccentric, I try not to judge people too harshly & to give bad first impressions a second chance. Is this irresponsible of me? I wonder what would make someone want to randomly shoot holes in some guy's car window? Was he driving 45 mph in a 55 mph zone? Brrrrrr ...

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