Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ballet Folklorica: A fabulous peformance

My daughter, husband & I attended the performance of Ballet Folklorica -- a group of elementary & middle schoolers which perform traditional Mexican folk dances -- at the Guerneville school. First, there was a delicious potluck supper provided by the dance group & supportive parents. It was YUMMY. Then ... after what seemed like FOREVER ... the dancers had finally gotten into their costumes & were ready to perform.

It was well worth the wait.

The kids were totally AMAZING. Dressed in colorful costumes, they performed folk dances from various Mexican states & regions. Their footwork, precision, & energy made for an entertaining evening. The dances which particularly stand out in my mind are: Danza del Viejito (Dance of the Little Old men) -- in which the boys disguised themselves as little old men (complete with masks & canes) & shuffled along comically; Danza de los machetes (Dance of the Machetes) in which the girls delicately & rhythmically flounce their dresses like butterflies while the boys perform elaborate manoevres with toy machetes in rhythm; & Danza de las brujas (the Witches' Dance) in which beautiful young ladies in flowing, white, lacy garments create a hauntingly beautiful spectacle as they weave their spell beneath black lights with candles balanced delicately upon their pretty heads (obviously, they only let the high school girls perform this particular dance!).

My daughter is now totally hooked & can't wait to sign up next year (the program is available after school starting in first grade).

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