Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year! Rattina's Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful

River Rattina's Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful
  1. RAIN!: Let's cross our fingers & hope for a high-flow summer.
  2. New editions of local newspapers on the stands: I was getting tired of looking at Mark Weiss' body on all the front pages. No offense, Mark, but it was getting to be too much of a hot thing ... oops, I mean, too much of a good thing.
  3. New developments: Have you seen the newly rehabilitated Monte Rio Community Center (AKA Koret Club) & River Child Care Services buildings? They are absolutely gorgeous! I was also amazed to discover that we actually have a new Music Conservatory in downtown Guerneville with classical performances & music lessons & more. It also looks like the new skateboard park & youth center are really going to happen. I'm excited because our local kids will finally have a place to hang out.
  4. Monte Rio Sewer project flushed: Now that the over-priced & poorly-planned project is finally DOA, Monte Rio residents can start working on a solution that is actually affordable & viable.
  5. Somewhat dry land: So far, we've managed to avoid flooding, though my rain boots are caked with mud.
  6. Electricity: PG&E managed to quickly restore power to most of us during last week end's storm. Blackouts really make me appreciate modern technologies, that's fer sher.
  7. Good schools: Having moved here from the city, I am highly grateful for our wonderful local schools. ESPECIALLY because my 5-year-old is back in Kindergarten (as many parents would understand, we thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time together during the holiday break, but now we need a vacation from our vacation!).
  8. Giant rain puddles: Free entertainment for my daughter & me!
  9. Good neighbors: When we do have floods, at least we get stuck with nice people. Plus, it's fun to watch neighbors kayaking down the street. I'm also talking about our community in general. Many folks have fallen on hard times, but many more have stepped up to offer a hand.
  10. Mill Street Thrift Shop: Nice things for bargain prices & a warm, lively atmosphere. It's always fun to visit & hear the local gossip. I love most of the businesses around here, but I'm mentioning Mill Street because (a) it's relatively new; & (b) we REALLY needed a good thrift store.
Happy New Year to all my fellow River Rats, Rattinas, & Rattikins!

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