Sunday, June 13, 2010

Russian River Chamber of Commerce activities

In an attempt to staunch the flow of local business closings, our Chamber of Commerce arranged for John DeGaetano of the Small Business Advisory Program to host a May 24th Marketing workshop for local business owners. Unfortunately, a scant five people participated, due to the 3:30pm-5:30pm meeting time. Which genius scheduled that one? DeGaetano, an advisor to the Russian River Chamber of Commerce, also hosted two seminars back in March, entitled, “Marketing your Business in the Community and in this Economy.” With all ironic smirks aside, I wish I could have attended one of these programs, they sound interesting.

Actually, our Chamber of Commerce has been quite busy lately with the lovely hanging baskets which decorate downtown Guerneville; the Give Back Tuesday fundraisers at the Rainbow Cattle Company; the Stumptown Daze parade; and the June 3rd "Chamberee" schmooze-fest during which members from eight Chambers of Commerce throughout the County gathered at the Pacific Coast Air Museum to share ideas and services.

In their June 2010 newsletter, the Chamber of Commerce announced that funding is available to landlords or businesses who wish to improve the appearance of their storefronts. DeGaetano will also provide local businesses with free advice by appointment. If you're interested, please stop by the Chamber or call them at 707.869.9000.

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