Saturday, June 12, 2010

Local businesses report suckiest summer EVER

Egads, I thought our chronically sucky economy was FINALLY starting to turn around. Alas, this recession is the gift that keeps on sucking. Downtown Guerneville looks lively, yet some retailers say this has been "the worst summer ever." Visitors come in to look, but don't buy anything. The folks from Vine Life -- a downtown wine shop which also sells art and novelty items -- have reportedly sold their shop to an investor who plans to move the operation to Discovery Bay, of all places. This will be a sad loss to our community ... and yet another empty store front.

Speaking of empty store fronts, I'm wondering when the landlords plan on getting a $#@%! clue & lowering their rents to realistic amounts that retailers and other small businesses can afford. They shouldn't be allowed to make downtown Guerneville look like cr@p.

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