Friday, June 18, 2010

Things that totally tick me off: Like PAYING FOR FLUORIDE!!!

Here in Sonoma County, a lot of folks believe that if stuff has chemicals in it, then it can't possibly be any good. That's why just about every other County puts fluoride in their water, except for Sonoma County. No wonder so many folks have crappy teeth around here.

That's why -- now that my husband has been out of work for a year & neither of us have been able to get jobs that pay health insurance -- we have to drive way the heck out to Costco every month & pay $10 per month -- so our daughter can have freaking FLUORIDE TABLETS so her teeth don't rot & so she can have the appropriate amount of fluoride which most children receive WITHOUT having to fulfill & pay for prescriptions.

I'm thoroughly disgusted. What in Sam Hill do we pay for our property taxes ANYway?


Frank Acne said...

Sorry my friend but actually only the USA and its puppets are still putting the dangerously toxic and bio-accumulative industrial waste known as fluoride in their water. Quite a few countries still have it in their salt and some monsters even put it in childrens milk. But industries such as pesticides, aluminium, and even the nuclear interests have lots of this muck and nowhere to dispose of it without incurring massive charges and insurance liabilities. Consequently they pretend its useful and harmless, which it isnt whether its naturally occuring or not. It may have many valuable industrial uses but its not a medicine, or a vital dietary supplement. check out the Fluoride Action Network at for accurate and up to date info on this subject. As usual to get to the bottom of it all we simply need to follow the money.

Anonymous said...

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! BOO HOO, cry about it. Fluoride is the responsabilty
of the parent. There are bigger and more important issues, by the way~rotten teeth should blend in well in the area you are talking about.