Saturday, June 12, 2010

PLEASE bring back Lalita's tamale cart!

Does anyone know where Lalita & her tamale cart have gone? I desperately crave those tasty, savory morsels. She usually dishes them out in front of Dennis Judd's Rusky Rika Dachas affordable housing project (formerly known as "that crappy-looking housing complex") on River Road every day, starting around lunch time until they sell out. Alas, I haven't seen Ms. Lala since February when Mr. Judd began improving the property, which he purchased in Fall 2009.

Did he kick her out? Or did Ms. Lala flee because the ridiculously named "Rusky Rika Dachas" made it impossible for her to serve tamales with a straight face. Actually, she's been visiting her grand children in Southern California a lot & maybe she's moved down there permanently. Sigh. Lalita, PLEASE COME BACK!

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